Is our behaviour a choice?

Arguments about free will date back to ancient Greece, but the scientific consensus now tends towards the belief that free will is an illusion. It’s become an article of faith in the life

What causes the gender gap in education?

In the 1940s the Belgian philosopher Albert Michotte identified our tendency to believe we could see causality. His book, The Perception of Causality, published in French in 1945 showed how certain very simple

Better teaching through chemistry?

One of my favourite books of last year was Yuval Noah Harari’s magnificent Sapiens. It looks like his new tome, Homo Deus, is going to be just as fascinating if the rest of

What’s the job of a teacher?

One of the sessions I attended at researchED last Saturday was a debate on whether there really is a mental health crisis amongst young people. There were lots of interesting points made

Do we teach children to love reading? Part 2

In my last post I wrote about sociologist, Frank Furedi’s views on reading and whether we do a good job of fostering a love of reading in young people. In this post

Do we teach children to love reading? Part 1

This sounds like a really obvious question but, after listening to Frank Furedi at researchED on Saturday and subsequently reading his book, The Power of Reading: from Socrates to Twitter, I’ve realised

The Trouble with Transfer – my #rED16 slides

Today saw another triumphant outing for Tom Bennett’s grassroots conference, researchED. This year I ran a session investigating the research into how we transfer what we learn between different contexts, the slides

Go Compare!

Another one from Teach Secondary, this one from their assessment special. This time it’s an over view of Comparative Judgement. Human beings are exceptionally poor at judging the quality of a thing

What every teacher needs to know about… seating plans

Remarkably, the rather excellent Teach Secondary magazine haven’t yet seen through me and are still running my half-baked ramblings. Here’s this month’s pale offering. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a

Should everyone follow the rules?

I’ve never liked being told what to do. I’m not a great team player and I struggle with authority. I’ve always chafed at constraints and, as I get older, I’ve become increasingly

What’s the big deal about school uniform?

Is there any evidence that school uniform affects learning? In a word, no. Or, rather I should say, I’m not aware of any beyond weak testimonials offered by uniform manufactures and the

Fun is being “killed off”! Really?

Every now and then, children’s author Michael Rosen writes a snarky open letter to whomever happens to be education secretary of the day castigating them for his bugbear du jour. His latest offering makes