Why I think table top mats are better than wall displays

A couple of days ago I posted an article exploring why I’m not keen on teaching being expected to spend time putting on displays in their classrooms. This made some people happy

What every teacher needs to know about… classroom display

Once again the finest monthly publication for secondary teachers, Teach Secondary, have demeaned themselves by publishing another of my sloppily put together rants. This month my barrel scraping has reached a new as I quibble

Coming soon…What every teacher needs to know about psychology

Over the past few months, Nick Rose and I have been working together on a new book which sets out what, in our admittedly biased opinion, every teacher ought to know from the

Triple impact feedback on the EEF marking review

The EEF publish a review of the evidence of marking. I give them some feedback. The EEF respond to my criticisms. Well… we could go on for ever. Feel familiar? James Richardson

Making better mistakes: the threshold of brilliance

“The chief trick to making good mistakes is not to hide them – especially not from yourself.” – Daniel Dennett. I’ve been rereading the philosopher, Daniel Dennett’s wonderfully erudite manual for making

A marked decline? The EEF’s review of the evidence on written marking

Question: How important is it for teachers to provide written feedback on students’ work? Answer: No one knows. This is essentially the substance of the Education Endowment Foundation’s long-awaited review on written marking.

Testing, testing… why one test can’t do everything

The thing which most seems to rile people about testing is the fact that it puts children under stress. A certain amount of stress is probably a good thing – there’s nothing

Why study grammar?

Trying to express complex thoughts in simple English … is demanding, challenging and takes time. Terry Leahy There’s been a lot of fuss over the past week about whether it’s appropriate to assess

Improving critical reading through comparative judgement

The following is a guest blog from Dr Chris Wheadon of No More Marking. The reformed GCSEs in English present new challenges for pupils in critical reading and comprehension. Teachers across the

What every teacher needs to know about… students who leave secondary school unable to read

Many thanks to the good folks at Teach Secondary magazine for publishing yet another of my incoherent rants. This time I set my sights on the lamentable and inexcusable failure of secondary schools

What I know about whether ‘no excuses’ behaviour systems work

I read John Tomsett’s account of his speech at Michaela School’s Debate on 23rd April on why ‘no excuses’ behaviour systems don’t work with great interest. As a speech it is well researched, well

Workload Challenge Part 1: Marking

This is the first of three post on the Department for Education’s response to last year’s Workload Challenge. The three areas identified by teachers’ responses to the Challenge as particularly burdensome were