Slow Writing eBook – contributions wanted

Hey all! In a flush of Twitter inspired enthusiasm, @redgirob, @bryngoodman and I have come up with a crazy idea. What if we put together a crowd sourced, not for profit eBook

Ofsted’s new Inspection Handbook – a cause for celebration

As detailed by Old Andrew here, I attended a meeting with the new National Director for Schools Policy, Sean Harford in Birmingham on Friday 25th July. This had followed a series of

Some thoughts on Edtech and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

Every man in the journey of life takes … advantage of the ignorance of his fellow travellers, disguises himself in counterfeited merit, and hears those praises with complacency which his conscience reproaches

My impatience with some Ofsted inspectors

We hope we are transparent and honest. I am very keen that the people we inspect have confidence in the quality of our inspections and the quality of our inspectors. I believe

You can’t teach an old teacher new tricks…so sack them.

I rarely reblog posts on my site, but in this case I wanted to make an exception for two (make that three) reasons: 1. This is @cazzbooth’s inaugural post I’d like to do

Do I lack the courage of my convictions?

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. Friedrich Nietzsche An accusation that I find is increasingly levelled at me is that, because I’ve publicly changed my mind about my views

Playing the game: Ofsted vs. Civitas

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. John Ruskin On the face of it , this seems both self-evident and obvious: if Ofsted aren’t judging quality

Reading ability: nature or nurture?

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Matthew, 13:12 The Matthew Effect

Grit and growth: who’s to blame for low achievement?

I’ve recently read a couple of interesting articles which question the efficacy of the research of Carol Dweck (Mindset) and Angela Duckworth (Grit). The complaint is that if we attribute an individual’s

The problem with SatNavs, or how feedback can prevent learning

I’m not an especially good driver, but I’m a truly terrible navigator. This used to mean that I would get lost. A lot. When I first moved to Bristol in 2001 I bought an

Now we are three

In a pleasingly synchronous turn of events this post marking the end of the third year of writing The Learning Spy is also the 300th post I’ve published on the site. That’s

Teaching for independence: thinking, memory & mastery

Truth gains more even by the errors of one who, with due study and preparation, thinks for himself, than by the true opinions of those who only hold them because they do