How can we support teachers’ standards of literacy?

Recently, I’ve spent some time talking to school leaders about how to implement and evaluate effective literacy policies in schools. From these conversations it’s clear that one of the main stumbling blocks

Fundamental British Values: What are they and how should we teach them?

The Department for Education is in the process of setting up an expert advisory group to look at how best to develop and resource a curriculum intended to instil fundamental British values

Leading literacy in schools

Leading on literacy can be a thoroughly thankless task. It can often feel like you’re working incredibly hard to produce resources and strategies which colleagues at best ignore and at worst resent.

Are IQ tests biased or meaningless?

Since my last foray into the world of intelligence testing, I’ve done a lot of reading about the idea that a) IQ tests are culturally biased and b) that the entire concept

Is gaslighting a thing, or am I going mad?

In the 40s crime film, Gaslight, a murderous husband tries (and ultimately fails) to convince his wife she’s going mad by hiding various of her possessions and then accusing her of having

Why I’m grateful for black people talking to me about race

I’ve just finished reading Reni Eddo-Logde’s Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race.* As a result I feel I need to update some of what I’ve recently written. Eddo-Lodge does an

The Back to School Collection

So, Monday morning looms and another term begins. For everyone stepping back into a classroom this week, chin up, don’t work too hard, and remember, it’s just a job. For those new

What I stand for

One of the great problems of philosophy, is the relationship between the realm of knowledge and the realm of values. Knowledge is what is; values are what ought to be. I would

On being called a racist

At the time of writing, there’s a group of people on Twitter calling me a racist for writing this blog post. This feels pretty awful. The violence of such a term is

Differences and similarities  

To deny that people differ from each other is patently ridiculous. We are all unique and our uniqueness is endlessly fascinating. Our physical differences are readily apparent; some of us are taller,

Two fallacies to avoid

Avoiding logical fallacies can be tricky and, as responses to some of my recent posts has made clear, anyone who spends time debating evolutionary psychology, behaviour genetics or science in general will

Do schools matter less than we think?

Disturbingly for all of us involved in education, it seems as if schools and teaching may matter a lot less than we would like to believe. Before setting out the arguments I