Favourite blogs

  • Ruth Powley’s extraordinary meta-blog and research summary machine Love Learning Ideas
  • Evidence into Practice – great stuff on psychology and education research from Nick Rose
  • The Icing on the Cake – a fascinating take on statistics and data in education.
  • Martin Robinson’s leftfield take on education Surreal Anarchy
  • Great blog from English teacher @JamesTheo: Othmar’s Trombone
  • Carl Hendrick’s blog chronotope isn’t updated as much as we might want, but when he posts it’s generally a corker.
  • Clio Et Cetera – Michael Fordham’s blog on history teaching, teacher education and much much more.
  • Andrew Old’s wonderfully caustic (if relentlessly negative) view of education: Scenes from the Battleground – and also The Echo Chamber (a compendium of many of the finest education blogs out there)
  • Greg Ashman’s wise and thoughtful blog, Filling the Pail
  • John Tomsett’s blog – an English teacher AND an inspirational headteacher
  • Headteacher, Tom Sherrington’s prolific and thoughtful blog headguruteacher
  • Field Notes – a blog about teaching from Doug Lemov’s  author of Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect
  • Policy wallah and Teach First director, Sam Freedman’s outlet for When 140 Characters Isn’t Enough
  • Tessa Matthew’s blog, Tabula Rosa – gets quite cross about much of the silliness knocking around in schools.
  • Reading all the books by Jo Facer – another English teacher with massively high expectations
  • Joe Kirby’s thoughtful, measured and sensible take on Pragmatic Education
  • Tom Boulter doesn’t post often but when he does he nails it. Thinking on Learning
  • The Wing To Heaven – Daisy Christodoulou: blogging about education and education policy.
  • Bodil Eriksson’s blog about maths teaching as well as wider educational concerns
  • Learning from my mistakes – another fabulous English & literacy blog, this time from Chris Curtis
  • …to the real – a blog from maths teacher Kris Boulton – full of excellent insights and clear thinking
  • Harry Fletcher-Wood’s systematic approach to Improving Teaching
  • Laura McInerney on teaching, researching and writing
  • Thomas Sarkey’s Stack of Marking is always well written, often amusing and generally thought provoking
  • Mary Myatt, writes a very useful blog from the perspective of an Ofsted insider
  • Hunting English – Alex Quigley’s blog is clear, coherent and consistently thought provoking
  • My Learning Journey by David Fawcett echoes the trajectory and concerns of my own blog – always insightful and interesting
  • Kenny Pieper – a Scottish English teacher Just Trying To Be Better – searingly honest and blisteringly insightful.
  • What’s language doing here? Lee Donaghy’s blog on what we need to know to move students from everyday to academic language. Excellent but seldom updated.

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  1. Steve Baker says:

    Hi You might enjoy my blog
    It has my advice on behaviour leaderrship and management and experiences as an occasional supply teacher in West Yorkshire secondary schools


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