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A review of 2014

I wrote 125 posts in 2014 bringing the running total to 336 posts. Here are the ten most popular this year: Why do so many teachers leave teaching? (February 2013) The Cult of Outstanding™: the problem with

Do I lack the courage of my convictions?

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. Friedrich Nietzsche An accusation that has been increasingly levelled at me is that, because I’ve publicly changed my mind about my views on education,

Now we are three

In a pleasingly synchronous turn of events this post marking the end of the third year of writing The Learning Spy is also the 300th post I’ve published on the site. That’s

A round up of some of my favourite posts so far this year

I was going to that thing where you round-up some of your favourite blog posts in the hope of getting a few more hits, but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm. Instead, I thought

Houston, we have influence: The Top 100 education blogs

I started writing this blog on the 11th July 2011 with the intention of recording all the thoughts I’ve always had about teaching and learning. In the past I’d amaze myself with

A year in the life of an English teacher

What a lot can happen in a year. It was only this time last July that I began my experiment with Twitter and blogging. I think it’s fair to say that my

Election Fever

The last time I canvassed for votes was back in my school mock election in 1987. In typically awkward bugger fashion, I ran as a Trotskyite candidate. As I recall I did

End of term

Term 1 is always far more exhausting than I expect it to be. Some of the highlights from last term include meeting some cracking education types including Ian Gilbert, Phil Beadle and

Back to school

What I really like about going back to school in September is that it’s a new year with no mistakes. The students’ books are graffiti free and and all the dates and