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Building challenge: differentiation that’s quick and works

UPDATE: These two posts represent my latest think on differentiation:  Is differentiation a zero-sum game? April 2015 Why do we overestimate the importance of differences? November 2014 Since having a good long think about

How to get students to value writing

Sir, do we have to write in sentences? Yes, you bloody well do! Students do a lot of writing at school but, bless me, most of it’s turgid stuff. In practically every

Building resilience: Sir, I’m stuck

Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. I have this quote from Samuel Becket’s play Worstwood Ho! up in my classroom and regularly refer to it. It’s there as much for me

How effective learning hinges on good questioning

Hands up who likes asking questions? Questioning is an essential part of helping students to make progress but only if it causes thinking or elicits evidence that informs our teaching. And the

Learning Journeys

Last month I wrote a post asking whether there was a point to starters. Luckily for me, Darren Mead got in touch to tell me about what he has termed Learning Journeys. Ever

More DIY learning

Following Kenny Pieper’s wonderful guest post yesterday, I was inspired to put his ideas into action today. The most difficult aspect was geting hold of some netbooks. The DT had some which