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Practice vs. talent: Five principles for effective teaching

Are we the way we are because of our natures or is talent just the product of hard work? Which matters more natural ability of practice? A few years ago my mother

Teaching sequence for developing independence Stage 4: Practise

What does practice make? Well, it turns out that my mum was wrong. Doug Lemov points out in Practice Perfect that practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. What we practise we

The Grand Unified Theory of Mastery

Is this all you need to know about motivation, learning and professional development? No, probably not. But, it is a beguilingly complete way of tying together many of the theories which have baffled and

Deliberating about practice

Should learning be fun? A few years ago I remember saying that was all learning should be. If you weren’t enjoying it, why on earth would you do it? But now I’m