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Should teachers do what children want?

Every weekday morning, my daughters both moan about having to get up for school. They moan about their teachers and they moan about homework. Given free rein, they would spend all day

A heck of a lot of posters

Is it just me, or do secondary school children make a heck of a lot of posters? Now, I’ve got nothing against posters per se, but why do we seem to have

“The kids absolutely love it!” The phrase that launched a thousand gimmicks

I attended a TeachMeet recently where a number of the presenters argued that their teaching strategy of choice was worth trying out because, “The kids absolutely love it!” This seems to me

The problem with fun

Getting students engaged so that they can be taught something seems much less effective than getting them engaged by teaching them something that engages them. Dylan Wiliam Could fun be the enemy

Deliberating about practice

Should learning be fun? A few years ago I remember saying that was all learning should be. If you weren’t enjoying it, why on earth would you do it? But now I’m