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The nail in Growth Mindset’s coffin?

As I’m sure everybody already knows, mind sets are beliefs about the nature of characteristics like intelligence. The theory is that students with growth mindsets believe their ability can be changed with effort and

Is growth mindset bollocks?

Like everyone else, when I first came across Carol Dweck’s theory of growth mindsets I was pretty psyched. There was something so satisfyingly truthy about the way the labels ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ mindset

The limits of growth mindset

What’s the difference between success and failure? Effort, of course! As everyone now knows, all you need to ensure you’re a success is a shed-load of hard work and the belief that

Is growth mindset pseudoscience?

Claims that cannot be tested, assertions immune to disproof are veridically worthless, whatever value they may have in inspiring us or in exciting our sense of wonder. Carl Sagan What’s the difference

Why the ‘false growth mindset’ explains so much

Modest doubt is called the beacon of the wise. – Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida In the same way that I learned nothing from listening to the polished performance of Ken Robinson at yesterday’s Education

20 psychological principles for teachers #10 Mastery

This is the second of four posts exploring what motivates students and the tenth in my series examining the Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education’s report on the Top 20 Principles From Psychology for

20 psychological principles for teachers #1 Mindsets

We are what we believe we are. Benjamin Cardozo A few weeks ago I posted a brief summary of The Coalition for Psychology for Schools and Education’s report, Top 20 Principles From Psychology

A defence of the fixed mindset

The growth mindset has been so universally heralded as ‘a good thing’ that it’s in danger of becoming one of those memes we think with rather than about. A number of commentators have been

Do we really have a growth mindset?

The ladder of life is full of splinters, but they always prick the hardest when we’re sliding down. Samuel Clemens I spoke at a Growth Mindset conference with Olympian and sports journalist

Grit and growth: who’s to blame for low achievement?

I’ve recently read a couple of interesting articles which question the efficacy of the research of Carol Dweck (Mindset) and Angela Duckworth (Grit). The complaint is that if we attribute an individual’s

Focusing on performance is the enemy of the growth mindset

Over the past year or so I’ve been following a line of thinking which has gone something like this: Learning and performance are not the same thing. Pupils’ performance in lessons does

The Grand Unified Theory of Mastery

Is this all you need to know about motivation, learning and professional development? No, probably not. But, it is a beguilingly complete way of tying together many of the theories which have baffled and