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The Case Against Education

I’ve been reading the economist Bryan Caplan’s new book, The Case Against Education with great interest. His is very much a contrarian point of view: that most of the time and effort

Can we develop a ‘love of learning’?

The scholar and the world! The endless strife, The discord in the harmonies of life! The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books; The market-place, the eager love of gain, Whose aim is vanity, and whose end is pain! Longfellow, Morituri Salutamus Why are some people healthier than others? This might sound like a bit of silly question. The answer is surely obvious: some people

Teaching to make children cleverer: Part 1

I’ve argued previously that the aim of education ought to be to make children cleverer. If I’m right, then not only is it desirable, it’s also possible to achieve this end. But

Are IQ tests biased or meaningless?

Since my last foray into the world of intelligence testing, I’ve done a lot of reading about the idea that a) IQ tests are culturally biased and b) that the entire concept

Whatever the question is, intelligence is the answer

Here are the slides I used in the talk I gave at this year’s Education Festival: Whatever the question is, intelligence is the answer from David Didau The antipathy of very many

What teachers need to know about intelligence – Part 2: The effects of education

In Part 1 of this series I laid out why IQ matters and that, far from being a banal measure of merely of how well some people do in a series of

What teachers need to know about intelligence – Part 1: Why IQ matters

Intelligence is required to be able to know that a man knows not. Montaigne Although it’s become a truism to say we know relatively little about how our brains work, we know

A summary of my arguments about education

And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew. Oliver Goldsmith A tradition without intelligence is not worth having. T. S. Eliot Debating

One more thing I want from school leaders

The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything. Goethe A few weeks back I wrote this post laying out my wishlist for the ‘perfect’ school leader. Since then,