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Can we improve school interviews? Part 3: The interview lesson

In Part 1 of this series I reviewed some of the evidence on what makes for effective interviews, and in Part 2 I looked specifically at creating a less biased, more structured

Can we improve school interviews? Part 2: Intuition vs. statistical prediction

In Part 1 I reviewed some of the research around the best way to recruit and how this might apply to school recruitment. One of the suggestion I made was that schools should

Can we improve school interviews? Part 1: A brief review of the research

Recruitment for most employers is straightforward: you advertise, read through applications, invite the people you like in for an interview, think about it for a bit and then enter into negotiations with

Shakespeare, SOLO taxonomy and taking risks (Part 1)

I have an interview on Monday. For me the most stressful part of interview preparation is getting the lesson right. I’m happy to take criticism over almost anything else but I really