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Getting culture right Part 2: Understanding group psychology

This is the second post on getting cultures right in schools. You can find Part 1, on social norms and using normative messages, here. We are essentially social animals and have evolved to

What’s the point of parenting?

As an aside in a recent blog, I made the statement that, “shared environmental effects like parenting have no effect on adult’s behaviour, characteristics, values or beliefs.” This excited quite a bit

Why ‘grammar schools for all’ won’t work

A better, but overlong, title for this would be “Why grammar schools don’t work for all and why ‘grammar schools for all’ (probably) won’t work”. At the birth of the comprehensive school

What’s the difference between character and personality?

The recent Sutton Trust report on character education, A Winning Personality, concludes that extroversion correlates strongly with career success. It recommends that schools focus their efforts on improving “less advantaged students” knowledge and

20 psychological principles for teachers #3 Development

This is the third in a series of posts unpicking the Top 20 Principles From Psychology for Teaching And Learning. This time it’s the turn of Principle 3: Students’ cognitive development and learning are