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The Cult of Outstanding™: the problem with ‘outstanding’ lessons

First of all I need to come clean. Up until pretty recently I was a fully paid up member of the Cult of Outstanding™. Last January I considered myself to be a

Why can’t we tell a good teacher through lesson observations?

No teacher is so good – or so bad – that he or she cannot improve. Dylan Wiliam The English education system is obsessed with ascertaining the quality of teachers. And what

Where lesson observations go wrong

UPDATE: Since writing this post in July 2013 a lot has happened. Ofsted has stopped grading individual lessons and many schools have recognised the futility and harm caused by lesson grading. Here is

Live Lesson Obs: Making lesson observations formative

You can push and prod people into something better than mediocrity, but you have to encourage excellence. David Lammy We’ve all experienced the dread and agony of formal lesson observations, haven’t we?

Myths: what Ofsted want

With galling hypocrisy and seemingly no sense of irony, Ofsted have released their latest subject report for English snappily titled, Moving English Forward. The report is a step by step guide on

Are teacher observations a waste of time?

“I never allow teachers or school leaders to visit classrooms to observe teachers; I allow them to observe only students”. John Hattie (2012) I’ve been mulling this statement over for the past

What’s the point of lesson observations?

I feel I need to start by saying that I am not questioning the need for lesson observations. They’re a crucial part of developing our professional practice and ensure T&L is quality