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Why ‘triple marking’ is wrong (and not my fault)

You can’t blame celebrity edubloggers for teachers’ unreasonable workloads – Albert Einstein In his indefatigable efforts to get schools and teachers to recognise that much of what is done in the name of

My impatience with some Ofsted inspectors

We hope we are transparent and honest. I am very keen that the people we inspect have confidence in the quality of our inspections and the quality of our inspectors. I believe

Perverse incentives and how to counter them

Call it what you will, incentives are what get people to work harder. Nikita Khrushchev Back in the good old days when the great unwashed could simply be shipped off to the colonies

Ofsted: The end of the (lesson grading) affair

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson Back in 2011 I started to decide that grading lessons was wrong. I wasn’t exactly sure how

Should Ofsted judge ‘quality of teaching’?

We all know, that as well as giving an overall grade, Ofsted give schools an individual judgement against 4 criteria: attainment, behaviour & safety, leadership & management, and quality of teaching. Theoretically it would possible

A horror story: Does Ofsted get it wrong again?

Following my the post earlier in the week on the fact that Ofsted inspectors seemingly continue to break the rule with impunity, a number of people got in touch with similar tales of

Ofsted inspectors continue to do whatever they like

A few days a go after reading and retweeting this blog post from @cazzypot on the ongoing vagaries and inconsistencies of Ofsted, A head of MFL at a school in Hounslow got in touch to let

Don’t read these books!

You may have missed it but there was something of a spat on Twitter a few weeks back when one blogger suggested that certain books weren’t worth reading. After all sorts of

Ofsted’s Evaluation Form: the next skirmish!

The ‘do they/don’t they’ buggers’ muddle of whether or not Ofsted inspectors are supposed to grade lessons hasn’t really been put to rest. Schools’ National Director, Mike Cladingbowl’s attempts at clarification have

Are we any clearer? Ofsted explain what they do and don’t do

The story so far… On Tuesday I, and four other education bloggers met with Ofsted’s National Director of Schools Mike Cladingbowl to discuss, among other things, now and why lessons are graded

What I learned from my visit to Ofsted

Before reporting on my impressions of the conversation Tom “behaviour guru” Bennett, Ross “the most followed teacher in the UK” McGill, Sheena “Clerk to Governor” Lewington, Tom “head guru” Sherrington and I

What inspirational teaching looks like according to Ofsted

So, as we know, Sir Michael Wilshaw is determined to make clear that Ofsted has no preferred teaching style. Right? Wrong. Just in case you were breaking open the Spumante to celebrate a