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Should Ofsted observe lessons?

As you may have seen, Ofsted have published a report which lays the ground work on how they might start observing lessons once more: Six models of lesson observation: an international perspective. Most

Put down your crystal balls

Many of the schools I visit and work with feel under enormous pressure to predict what their students are likely to achieve in their next set of GCSEs. In the past, this

How can school inspection get what it wants?

I read a great piece by Dr Becky Allen in Schools Week this morning on inherent unreliability of school inspections. In it she makes the point that human beings are incapable of

Bottom sets and the scourge of low-level disruption

In many English schools, low-level disruption is the norm. Children talking when expected to be silent, fiddling with equipment and each other, calling out, and generally not being ‘on task’ are all

Why Ofsted inspectors shouldn’t give advice

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the recent Learning First conference in Wolverhampton, but I did manage to follow some of the tweets. This one in particular caught my attention: Marilyn Mottram

Why I’m optimistic about the new Chief Inspector

Guardian journalist and ex-teacher, Michelle Hanson thinks education in the UK is “going down the pan”. In this article she tells us the memory of working as a teacher still makes her “feel

Why I ♥ blogging (and believe there is hope for Ofsted)

Earlier today I posted an outraged spume of invective directed at a recently publish Ofsted inspection report. Since then Sean Harford, Ofsted’s National Director for Education, has been in touch to say

Marking: What (some) Ofsted Inspectors (still) want

It is up to schools themselves to determine their practices and for leadership teams to justify these on their own merits rather than by reference to the inspection handbook. UPDATE: There is

Why we *really* mistrust Ofsted

In the Schools Week profile on Ofsted’s head honcho, Sir Michael Wilshaw apparently puts the teaching professions’ lack of confidence in Ofsted down to “his relentless drive for challenge”. He is reported as

Should schools have to prepare for inspection?

Like everyone else who has witnessed Ofsted’s attempts to clarify misconceptions and improve the inspection process over the last few years, I’m certain that those who led the organisation are genuinely well-intentioned

Ofsted inspections to be higher stakes: for inspectors!

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Mathew 7:7 Sometimes life takes a surreal twist. In January

Why ‘triple marking’ is wrong (and not my fault)

You can’t blame celebrity edubloggers for teachers’ unreasonable workloads – Albert Einstein In his indefatigable efforts to get schools and teachers to recognise that much of what is done in the name of