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Ofsted’s new Inspection Handbook – a cause for celebration

As detailed by Old Andrew here, I attended a meeting with the new National Director for Schools Policy, Sean Harford in Birmingham on Friday 25th July. This had followed a series of

Awards Season 2013 – my votes in the Edublog Awards

It’s that time again. The rhythm of the year inevitably reaches a staccato climax as the Edublog Awards, or Eddies, trundle laboriously into view. And happily the voting process appears much less flawed

The shocking mediation of Ofsted criteria by ‘rogue’ inspectors

There’s a lot said and written about what Ofsted do and don’t want to see in lessons, and it turns out a lot of it is nonsense. Fortunately though we have Michael

Why the knowledge/skills debate is worth having

‘I note the obvious differences between each sort and type, but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike’. Maya Angelou I’ve come an awful long way since September 2011

Total Teaching: every lesson is group work

It’s no secret that I think children learn best in groups. I’ve argued back and forth with sundry opponents who claim that group work is variously inefficient, pointless or too hard to

Some thoughts on Learning Styles

The rusting can of worms that is Learning Styles has been prised open again and the wriggling mess is crawling all over the educational twittersphere. And on that note I will stop

Why group work works for me

For some time I have been of the opinion that children learn best in groups. This is disputed by all sorts of folk, some of whom are very articulate and thoughtful like