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What *does* improve children’s writing?

In my last post I discussed evidence that suggests grammar teaching does not lead to an improvement in children’s writing. Although it seems implausible that grammar teaching would not be positively correlated

Do all good ideas need to be researched?

We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about ‘and’. Arthur

Slow Writing eBook – contributions wanted

Hey all! In a flush of Twitter inspired enthusiasm, @redgirob, @bryngoodman and I have come up with a crazy idea. What if we put together a crowd sourced, not for profit eBook

Revisiting Slow Writing – how slowing writing might speed up thinking

Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast. Shakespeare It’s been a while since I first wrote about Slow Writing and in that time it’s rather taken on a life of its own.

Black space: improving writing by increasing lexical density

Style … is not—can never be—extraneous Ornament… ‘Whenever you feel an impulse to perpetrate a piece of exceptionally fine writing, obey it—whole-heartedly—and delete it before sending your manuscript to press. Murder your darlings.’ On the

The art of beautifully crafted sentences

I came across this post on Doug Lemov’s blog earlier today and instantly decided to rewrite my Year 8 lesson to make use of the ideas within. The idea is, like all

How to get students to value writing

Sir, do we have to write in sentences? Yes, you bloody well do! Students do a lot of writing at school but, bless me, most of it’s turgid stuff. In practically every

Slow Writing: how slowing down can improve your writing

NB – my latest thinking on Slow Writing can be found here. Exam season is nearly upon us and English departments across the land will be gearing up to the Herculean labour