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How helpful is Hattie & Donoghue’s model of learning? Part 1: The problem with depth

I saw John Hattie speak recently at a conference on his latest re-imagining of his Visible Learning work. He was an excellent speaker and charming company. I was particularly flattered that he asked

Why I changed my mind about the SOLO taxonomy

I’ve been meaning to write this for quite a while. Increasingly, I’ve become rather embarrassed about my erstwhile advocacy for Biggs & Collis’s generic taxonomy, the Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes. I

Knowledge is power

I’ve been having a bit of think this week. Firstly I read Daisy Christodoulou’s post on Hirsch’s Core Knowledge curriculum. She points out that Hirsch, oft-condemned for being the darling of ideologues

The need for ‘Why To’ guides

I’m not a fan of telling people how to do things. OK, that may not strictly speaking be true, but I do believe that just explaining how to solve a problem is

Is SOLO a waste of time?

Stop blaming your lack of experimentation, risk and innovation on your lack of time. Hywel Roberts – Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally It was pointed out to me recently that I can

Shakespeare, SOLO taxonomy and taking risks (Part 2)

So, the risk paid off and I got the job. I am now Director for English and Literacy at Clevedon School, which has a pleasingly grand ring to it. You’ll remember the

Shakespeare, SOLO taxonomy and taking risks (Part 1)

I have an interview on Monday. For me the most stressful part of interview preparation is getting the lesson right. I’m happy to take criticism over almost anything else but I really

SOLO taxonomy training

UPDATE: I no longer think SOLO taxonomy is worth spending any time on. Here is why. A few weeks ago I rather rashly offered to present on SOLO taxonomy to the North

Teaching to the test

In the light of the Telegraph‘s revelations that, shock! horror!, examiners tell teachers how to prepare students for exams it seems an opportune moment to reflect on the past two days. The

Why do I need a teacher if I’ve got Google and a granny?

NB – Having reviewed the evidence, I am now thoroughly convinced I was wrong about all this. Instead, try reading Is it just me or is Sugata Mitra an irresponsible charlatan?  Over

Should we be teaching knowledge or skills?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that our education system isn’t quite up to snuff. And at that point virtually all agreement ceases. There are those on which we might loosely term

Objective Quest – Day 4

Am starting to feel slightly exhausted by all the different objective introducing techniques whirring around my head like a cloud of relentless cheerful wasps. I long to use the same one all